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HTML editor

There is HTML editor for the convenient work with syntax highlighting, auto closed tags and other useful fines.

eSputnik system provides a wide choice of tools for quick creating of a good-looking message for email campaigns without special skills. There is an HTML editor for experienced users with highlighting syntax, automatic closing tags, search and a lot of other useful details that provide convenient work with the system.

HTML editor allows more flexible message creating. You can add in the message your own formatting and styles, using HTML marking language.

HTML editor is convenient to work and has next functionality:

  • Highlighting HTML tags: tags, attributes, regular text are presented in different colors. Thereby god visual HTML code presentation is provided. In the case of incorrect writing of closing tag it will be highlighted in red.
  • HTML tags automatic closing: closing tag is inserted automatically after writing initial text.
  • Search, substitution: found text is highlighted in yellow.
  • Full-screen mode: opens HTML editor for a full size of the browser window.
  • Highlighting current line: allows to see, on which line the cursor is by highlighting the line in blue.

When changing in HTML editor mode one can quickly verify the result. If it is necessary these changes can be easily canceled.

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