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High deliverability

Be sure that you message will be sent avoiding spam and other potential problems.

Sending your email campaigns from public servers, some of your emails may not get into the Inbox. The delivery of the emails is influenced by a number of factors: the reputation of the IP address, the passing through the spam filters, the contact list, the content of the email, etc.

More detailed information about factors that influence on deliverability read in the blog article.

It doesn’t mean how qualitative will be your email, if subscribers will not receive it. With eSputnik your job is to take care only about the contents of email, the system will overpass all possible obstacles during sending. All technical questions about passing spam-filters and delivering emails we take upon ourselves:

  • Sending campaigns is executed from dedicated IP-address.
  • Automatic symbols input, in confirmation that sending campaigns is provided by our person.
  • Adhering to emails ethics. Personified text without grammatical mistakes, stop-words and insults. Sender's signature, name of the site, contact data, possibility to cancel subscription are indicated in emails.
  • Control of sender’s reputation. Reputation is determined accordingly to results of sending campaigns. Marks about spam, unexciting emails of subscribers and other influence on improvement or worsening of reputation.
  • Saving structure of the email. Images and links will be urgent and in time will not disappear, checking up the fact if links are in black list.
  • Quick delivery of emails. Delivery service is located on powerful serves with high speed of Internet connection.
  • Sending campaigns is executes only to your contacts, by authority of receivers.

You always can look through the report about sent, delivered and read emails, clicking links report. Report about mistakes can be exported in order to eliminate invalid addresses from sending campaigns, to form blacklist.

eSputnik system will help to make your campaigns not only fast, but also effective.

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