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Groups constructor

You can view and collate the amount of contacts in the crossing groups for allocating TA from them for the messaging.

Groups constructor allows you to get the idea of the audience structure, compare the contacts number, which are included in intersecting groups, and choose the narrow audience for targeted email or SMS campaign.

Birthday is a great opportunity to offer customized discount and gifts to the clients. It is enough to configure the email and SMS campaign once, and eSputnik will automatically congratulate your clients with birthday, and also remind about sales and discounts for birthday persons in advance. You will save time by delivering yourself from everyday routine work.

To configure the SMS or email campaign, it is necessary to indicate birthdays in addition to the contact data. On the basis of these data, one can generate conventional group, which members will receive congratulations at the time specified by you. Planning the campaign this way will make you sure that messages will be delivered to necessary people in time. Using campaigns you will be able not only to congratulate client directly on his or her birthday but also remind of yourself in advance (three days before, one week before) by inviting him/her and offering him/her a discount for birthday.

Contact data and text can be edited at every moment, and there is the possibility to plan a campaign in a way convenient for you: daily or weekly greetings. For example, messages with greetings may be sent every day, and on Sunday future birthday people may be informed about special sales for the next week. Maybe your contacts have other personal regular holidays except for birthdays – such events as a wedding anniversary or kids’ birthday. By configuring greeting messages or special sales for these holidays you get the possibility to remind about you at the most appropriate moment.

Your greetings may become more interesting and hit the nail right on the head if you congratulate men and women in different ways, wish good luck in business to the directors, and health to the family members and peace in their homes to the housewives. eSputnik system allows to configure easily such greetings one time – and there will be no client of yours who do not receive congratulations and feel your personal concern about them.

These messages will be not only pleasant for your clients, but also clients will remember them, and it will create positive image of your company.

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