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Efficiency Analysis

You will always know who of your subscribers has received the message, link activity and reading environment.

eSputnik allows gathering and analyzing data about each campaigns sending by a lot of indices. The simple mechanism of receiving representation about the efficiency of your SMS or email campaigns will help quickly determine its weak and strong sides, possible errors: incorrect selection of the audience, incorrectly set up the text of the message, inoperable last stage of sales on site.

The efficiency of the email primarily depends on the type and goal of campaigns: informational email, sales, registration in the seminar, etc.

From the moment of your campaigns sending up to the moment of executing assigned task the message passes several stages:

  • Message is delivered to addressee;
  • Recipient read your message;
  • Recipient executed an action, which you were expecting him to do: called you, went to Registration form, proceeded to your site to make a purchase, etc.

Except given examples, the message can be transferred to spam, the recipient can cancel the subscription or make complain of the contents.

Unfortunately, not all emails lead a person to the stage of executing an action. Each stage – is a control milestone that defines the efficiency of your campaigns, taking into account different parameters:

  • Low percent of those, who read delivered messages is an evidence of incorrectly formulated topic of the message, or sender doesn’t have enough trust from the recipient;
  • Low percent of those, who clicked the link – text of the email is incorrectly set up. It is necessary to work on its structure and guidance to an action;
  • Quantity of those, who canceled the subscription is higher than normal one – is a typical sign of incorrectly chosen audience for this campaign.

Let us suppose that you executed sending SMS campaign and received numbers. How to determine are they good or not? eSputnik offers approximate indices of the reading efficiency and clicking the link for your area. Comparing them, amassing your own experience you can correct goals and track their reaching without assistance.

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