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Dividing subscribers into groups

We have developed functionality with the help of which we can divide any group in eSputnik into several ones. You can send different content to each group for testing different message blocks

We discovered that users test less, after all to carry out relatively simple split-test of emails contents (which image works better, which color would be better for buttons) it is necessary to make a lot of small and irritating actions. That is why we developed functional with the help of which each group in eSputnik can be easily divided into 4 groups.

To create a group you need to enter it, press “Divide group” button and then choose, for how many parts you want to divide your group.

Groups can be divided into parts with different percentage relation. It is made for you to be able to carry out A/B test into two groups in 10% of your database, and then send to residual 80% option that won by indices.

Group can be divided into few parts for simultaneous examination of several options efficiency.

For A/B testing it is necessary to divide the group into 2 parts, and send your option of the email to each group and then examine, which option is more effective.

Don’t forget to test in the body of the email:

  • Location and design of the guidance to an action;
  • Structural elements and blocks;
  • Headlines, links and promo-banners.

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