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Delivery report

There is detailed report for every message: the amount of sent and delivered messages, current links, clicking statistics etc.

Delivery report shows detailed statistics about your campaigns. You receive data in a real-time mode that is they can be changed even after the end of sending.

Report about email campaigns contains more information than for SMS campaigns that allows better analyzing campaigns sending results:

  • Sent. Shows general quantity of contacts, for which campaigns were sent.
  • Delivered. The quantity of emails, received by addressees. In the majority of cases, this index is less that for sent. It is enough to look through messages statuses to learn why your addressees didn’t receive emails.
  • Read. A number of addresses who opened the email. The index can be less than for delivered one, but if subscriber will open email at first or second – the statistics will update.
  • Clicking links. Report about the quantity of clicking the link from emails, including second clicks. One should take into account that this index is also included in clicking links: “View in the browser” and “Cancel subscription”.
  • Cancelling the subscription. The quantity of clients who canceled the subscription.
  • Indicator of effectiveness. Allows gathering and analyzing data about each campaigns sending on the basis of sent emails and links following.
  • Sending errors. You will receive statistics by four items on the basis of SMS campaigns: sent, delivered, clicking links, sending errors.

You can export errors reports in XLS or CSV formats for more detailed analysis. Reasons for errors during sending can be following:

  • Incorrectly indicated contacts in address directory;
  • Message didn’t pass spam-filters;
  • Addressee’s number is invalid / doesn’t serve / blocked;
  • Memory is full, message isn’t received temporarily;
  • The function of receiving service messages is switched off at subscriber’s phone;
  • Message declined;
  • Message is not delivered for technical reasons.

Use delivery reports for analysis and improvement of the quality of your campaigns sending.

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