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Contacts import

Import your contacts in the system eSputnik from Excel and csv files. Basing on this information you can create message lists.

Contacts import is a tool, which allows creating quickly SMS or email campaign from Excel or CSV file. It is frequently used for manual synchronization of contact database between the internal CRM (1C, e-store, etc.) and eSputnik system. It allows using your file format (order and columns names) multiple times for contacts import and export. In order to avoid contacts reduplication one can choose criterion of uniqueness for import (for example, by an email address of an internal unique contact number).

Before importing contacts, you can get a template for the file with data in XLS or CSV format. It contains the sequence of columns, each one representing one of the fields that contain data about the contact in the system. It is not necessary that your file needs to have all listed columns: names of your columns can differ, because there is an option that allows to anchor them to necessary contact fields during import. Cross-anchoring of columns names from a data file with real contacts fields in eSputnik system is called “Import diagram”. If you import data from different sources, or your files have the different structure, several import diagrams will allow you to save conformity of fields and columns that will deliver you from the necessity of configuring it once again during next contact import.

Contacts reduplication can become a serious problem when creating an email campaign. In the case, when an email address or a number for SMS comes across your database for few times, the client will get several messages that certainly will not create the good impression about the campaign. To avoid contacts reduplication during import, you can indicate field, by which the uniqueness of contact will be verified. For example, if your data file contains several contacts with the same email address, you will create only one file with this address by indicating the uniqueness by email.

Before the final import of contacts from the file to eSputnik system, the preliminary review of created group will be available for you. At this stage the indicated email addresses and phone numbers for SMS campaign are verified; if they are indicated incorrectly you will see a warning message. If there is no possibility to create a contact on the basis of data available in the file, you will be notified of an error. Nevertheless, you will be able to carry out the import without correcting warnings and errors in the data file – contacts available for creating will be created in the system anyway.

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