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Campaigns planning

Manage messages launching, pointing the time, date and frequency. Don’t doubt, all messages will be delivered in time.

Campaigns planning – is a powerful tool that allows managing campaigns start, controlling time, date and periodicity of campaigns. For example, when preparing to campaigns you can plan series of SMS campaigns in advance and be certain that messages will be delivered to your clients on time.

Plan campaigns in advance, choose the most appropriate day and time. According to statistics, SMS are maximally effective from 11:00 up to 20:00, and emails – during morning and lunchtime.

If you have campaigns, which are need to be started regularly (periodically), or it is necessary to start campaigns sending in time, when you don’t have Internet access (or you cannot use system because of any other reason), eSputnik allows realizing this in simple and convenient way by using mass email campaigns planning.

You can plan sending campaigns:

  • Once: starts once in indicated time;
  • For every day: starts every day in indicated time (it is convenient for congratulations with Birthday);
  • For every week: starts every week in indicated time;
  • For every month: starts every month in indicated time.

You always can look through the list of planned campaigns and cancel it if it is necessary. Creating and sending campaigns in our system is convenient and simple!

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