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Birthday Email Greetings

Do you want to know how to greet your customers in email and remind in advance about promotions and discounts for birthday people? Just set up such a newsletter once in eSputnik and it would send automatically right along.

Birthday is an excellent opportunity to offer customers individual discounts and gifts. Save your time! Automate happy birthday messages and get rid of daily routine work.

You may have data on other important dates for your customers — for example, wedding anniversaries or children's birthdays.

By being attentive to important customer dates, you demonstrate your concern for them. And this is a pledge of their loyalty to your business.

You can congratulate your clients directly on these dates or do it in advance to increase the likelihood of reading your birthday message. You can also schedule daily and weekly newsletters: send nice birthday messages every day, and inform future birthday people on Sunday about special promotions next week.

Create a segment on the condition “Important Date Today” or “Important Date in x Days”. When the contacts from your list meet the specified condition, they will automatically fall into the segment and receive your congratulations. You can edit the contact details and content of the bday message at any time.

Your congratulations will be more targeted if you segment your audience by demographics and interests.

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