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Additional contacts fields

Fill in as more as possible data about your clients. Additional fields give you more opportunities for TA segmentation.

eSputnik allows adding more data about the contact that you store, using the set of additional fields. The more information you know about your audience, the easier it is to make your SMS or Email campaign more effective, and client-centered. Additional fields give you a possibility to segment the audience, on the basis of which you can create conventional groups. Additional fields also can be useful for personalization and for the feedback with clients.

To register additional fields, it is enough just to send an email to the Support and they will help create them quickly and correctly. Therefore, data will be both stored and efficiently used during segmentation.

Several most common examples of using additional fields:

Additional Fields

It allows configuring regular birthday greetings for clients in your database. You don’t need to remember when to congratulate someone or to offer sales for the birthday. It is enough to create a conventional group, in which all contacts with the same date of birth will be included, and designate campaigns for this group for a certain date.


The previous example of SMS campaign can be improved for congratulations with a birthday by creating messages with different text and design for men and women. More romantic elements and flowers can be added to the congratulation for women, and the congratulation for men can be made in more strict style.

Company name, position, company size

These fields can help to segment the audience more correctly when you are making a business proposal.

For convenient work with additional fields, eSputnik supports different types of fields:

  • Text field;
  • Number;
  • Dropdown list with preliminarily indicated options;
  • List of flags for multiple choice;
  • Date;
  • Link to the document;
  • etc.

To make the work with contacts more efficient, we recommend using values, which can be easily grouped. For example, if it is “gender” it is convenient to use dropdown list consisting of 2 options: “male”, “female”.

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