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Trust by 19 000+ clients!

Average rating: 4.8
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10 steps up to the clients’ love,which we will help you to make

  • Win their hearts

    Create accurate, vivid, selling newsletters and captivating content sendings with the help of our editor. 100+ ready-made blocks, product cards generator and easy HTML-format for pros!

  • Do not let them forget about you

    We came up with a really unique feature - the built-in RFM analysis system to monitor the activity of your clients purchasing and timely remind them about you. The sending of resuscitation emails can be automated, and we know how to set it!

  • Personalize it!

    Show your clients that you are interested in them, creating targeted email sending only with the content that they need. Gather feedback, conduct surveys, and offer related products or recommended services.

  • Take them “warm”

    More than 60% of people abandoned the cart without bringing the purchase to the end. Do not wait for their return - send emails with a proposal to end the registration of the order and bonuses. Set sendings about left screenings, increasing sales up to 30%!

  • Make sure that your emails are received

    We guarantee the delivery of 99.9% of them. In the provided reports, you will be able to monitor all the information about the Opens and Clicks. You can assess what buttons and blocks are the most conversion with the Click Map.

  • Collect all possible data

    You will be able to set up the transfer of all of the API client data quickly and almost without effort to use them effectively in the letters. This will allow you to segment the database, personalize email sending, and thus to make more money!

  • Get your website visitors interested

    We will develop a design of sign-up form for free that will attract attention and persuade visitors to leave an email. Once contact is taken, warm interest in your project and stimulate to make the first purchase. To set an automatic sending of welcome emails with our email blasting service eSputnik - as simple as possible!

  • Know Your Customer

    RFM-segmentation will show you the VIP clients, to which is better to lead a personal correspondence, to please with gifts and often give thanks.

  • Respond to all

    In eSputnik, we use a unique system of responses to events (for example, when your reader opened a letter and went to the desired link, visited the site and looked through some goods). We can configure the reaction at all these events. For instance, to send a contact to the special group or send an email with a promo code.

  • Assume and check

    Test, build Hypotheses and check them. Find out what email Subjects work better, which template sells more, how many bulk emails a month your customers want to receive. We came up with a lot of tools for testing and have been already using of our own.


Why email-marketing is to do with us?

  • We are high-toned
  • We know for sure that the links work
  • With us it is easy to continue the begun
  • We quickly adapt to your goals
  • With eSputnik you will evolve
  • We can take matters into our own hands
  • 1.We are high-toned

    eSputnik is a highly-recommended system and we are trusted by leaders. We don't work with purchased email lists. We are closely monitoring to ensure that none of our recipients receives spam.

  • 2.We know for sure that the links work

    This is the best sales channel via the Internet: according to statistics, each dollar spent on mailing online brings more than $ 40 of income, which is several times greater than the effect on search engine optimization, mobile marketing and content; it is 4000% return on investment. If you have a modest base, the sending cost will be quite inexpensive, but the income can be significant.

  • 3.With us it is easy to continue the begun

    If you have already had an experience in the direct emailing on your base, we will help you to quickly move all the data of your clients to eSputnik, to reproduce and to improve the working scripts that you have practiced before.

  • 4.We quickly adapt to your goals

    Even if you could not find the function you are interested in the eSputnik list opportunities, we will implement expeditiously all that you need to work effectively.

  • 5.With eSputnik you will evolve

    Even if you have a very small contact list, we will help it grow and begin to apply the sophisticated tools. We are constantly changing, growing and trying something new, and therefore, you will not get bored. Also, for your inspiration, we develop our own blog where we collect the best examples of emailings, tips, advices and reviews.

  • 6.We can take matters into our own hands

    If you have no time to engage in email sending, you can order it from us. This is more than just an outsourcing: we best know the features of our system and can quickly adjust it to suit your business. The cost of such services is also quite affordable.

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