Drag-and-Drop Editor

Drag-and-drop editor will respond to the needs as mockup and design professionalist as Marketing specialist who doesn’t know HTML but eager to build beautiful and appropriate message.

The eSputnik email editor is good both for the professional designer, and for a marketer who doesn't know HTML at all, but wants to create a nice and effective email.

eSputnik makes email marketing easier. To do this, in our email editor we have implemented unique functions that will help to reduce the time for creating an email several times.

1. Creating and Editing Emails

The email in our editor is made up of blocks and structures. With the help of structures you adjust the number of elements in the strip, and with the help of blocks — what they will be: text, button, picture, etc.

Each of the blocks is already adaptive by default, but if necessary adaptivity can be switched off.

The email can be configured so that when you open it on the mobile, individual blocks can be hidden. For example, a block with social network icons or some products.

Each text block is easy to change with the help of the editor: select, change color, font, font size, insert link or personalization.

Pictures can be taken from the previously saved images and from a file. The width and height are set by the buttons on the toolbar. There are also an alternative text and a link.

Is there any video content on the website? Add it to the email in a few clicks.

2. Product Card Generator

In the emails often used a so-called product card, in which there are a picture of the product, its description, and button. Preparation of such a block takes quite a long time, and this is a trivial round. You need to download the picture, don't make a mistake in the price, insert links ... We have developed a Product Card Generator to shorten this work to a few seconds. You just need to choose a suitable template from the library, specify a link to the card on the site and click on the "Get values" button. The card is ready!

3. Switching Between the Visual Editor and HTML / CSS Code

Each block of the email can be edited in both the visual editor and the HTML editor. Special application for this is not needed. You have the option of both inserting the finished code into our editor, and copying it to third-party resources.

4. View the Email Without Pictures

Some email clients display an email without pictures by default, then they can be turned on manually. In the eSputnik email editor, you can see the message without pictures, without sending it to the test mailbox and without disconnecting the pictures with the help of special plug-ins for browsers.

5. Testing

Send the test email directly from the editor to any convenient email box in seconds, without entering it into the "Contacts" and without going through all the other stages of the mailing.

6. Subject Line Assistant

Users read the emails on different devices — mobile phone, tablet and PC. In order for your message to be most effective, we have implemented a subject line assistant, which shows how many characters of a subject will be shown on a particular device.

Create beautiful emails to increase your revenue