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Basic Tools to Work with Text in Emails

As we have agreed before, let’s continue with a short series of articles on helpful newsletter tools. This time it’s a сompilation about working with text and items to decorate the text. If you are looking for something to make subjects or search topics here, I will not even waste my time, it’s enough to advice:

  • a calendar to find catchy newsmakers

  • Google to search ready-to-use email subjects. Fortunately there are lot of them in Internet.

Therefore we can immediately continue with newsletter tools assisting you to perfect your text in emails, decorate it and test your ideas. 

Clipboard History 2

Forget the annoying constant copying of the same elements - all the data from clipboard will be grouped together.

Clipboard History

Add-on (again for Chrome) will carefully save all your actions, whether it's copying of 100 links or voluminous text up to 5000 characters. 


It quickly checks the uniqueness and spelling of the text in emails and helps to detect the unoriginal phrases not highlighted by other services. The only weakness is misunderstanding that sometimes may happen with foreign and obsolete words.


By the way, if you feel a creative failure - there is an idea generator. Just insert a couple of keywords and service will generate variations of subjects accompanied with keywords to enhance and expand the topic. Unfortunately this service is still available in English only.


You may agree that images or graphic info can make any text better. We have discussed the creation of images for mailings before; now let’s analyze some helpful items to enhance the text.


To make email subject, blog article or even button more attractive we often use emoji, or emoticons. These special symbols do not affect the open rate, delivery or reading of your materials significantly, they are rather used as entertainment elements of email design. But you can even find here some examples how these symbols are displayed by different devices.

Эмоджи в теме письма

Just copy the emoticon you like from website, then add to your site, social network or emailing subject.


Though, information is perceived better when represented not as pure text but combined with diagrams, sheets etc. Instead of a thousand words, just create a visual data sheet in few clicks.


In this email formatting tool, ready-made structures of different types are included but some of them are not available for free; premium users can build sheets with multitude of fields and various email design themes.


A useful newsletter tool to create the countdown timers. Still, there are only 4 types of counters but it’s quite enough to notify customers about the end of promo shares or start of some event.


As usual, a nice bonus for eSputnik email formatting service users - we can set up your counters for free. Just send your request to our support team at support@esputnik.com and get the ready-to-use counter.


Building the diagrams. Of course this is more suitable for articles in blogs or social networks. But some info messages are literally asking for visualization of what is written there.  


Take a look at this email design; such sheets are far better than a thousand words to illustrate the annual totals, indicators increase etc.  

Product cards generator

A special email formatting tool available for eSputnik users. Once configured the generator you will only need to insert products links, your cards will be created in minutes. Then just add the ready HTML code to your email.  

 Product cards generator

There are ready-to-use cards in the set, you can also make your own card with additional product specifications.

And more...

utm tags generating

Services are usually generating links with tags automatically, but what if you will suddenly need to add your partners info to your email or, on the contrary, to attach the link with your unique tags? A form will open to insert all parameters to compose the link and track the result for the specified parameters.

MAL Warwick

It creates links to share the particular block from Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter message. I.e. you can specify the parameters of a block you want to share.


This method of email formatting allows you to publish in Facebook not an entire message but only the specified news with your website link.

A/B Significance Test

Each A/B test may be refuted or approved. Surely, all your innovations must be tested. A simple calculator will prompt you what is better - trust the results or provide test again to make sure that it does not exactly work.

Significance Test

That’s all for today; in the next article I will tell something about technical services :) I wish your mailings to be always attractive and efficient.

See you soon ;)

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Natalya Ustymenko

Head of Direct Marketing

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