Interactive email design: does it have a future?
Emails are becoming far more like mini-websites today - not only design-wise but also by their extended options to add various interactive content. Now you can be even scared by what is called interactivity - gifs, timers, and usual buttons... Read more...
Email marketing perspectives from the GDPR standpoint + rescue checklist
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are new rules to regulate the use and protection of European Union citizens’ personal data that will come into force on May 25, 2018. Inter alia, this new statute means that email marketing process will be significantly changed. Read more...
Specific features of email marketing using Gmail
For many years Gmail remains one of the most popular mailing systems in the Russian-speaking area. So, if the scariest thing sender can meet having deal with is to be marked as spam then mass mailing from Gmail includes much more whims that should be taken into account when sending messages.   Read more...
Survey forms making: how to learn more about your client?
You can learn more about your clients, their preferences and interests with the help of email survey. Since mail clients are still skeptic about forms added to the body of message, we need the following items to provide email marketing survey: Read more...
Why do we need Double Opt-In?
Everyone dealing with email marketing wants to know how not to go to Spam folder, and only a few understand that it is possible to secure oneself at the very beginning of communication with clients - through registration or subscription form. Read more...
Where do emails leave and why they fail to succeed
It is known well how does emailing work: we click "Send" button, then subscriber receives a message, he is happy to know about the super-promo-share and runs for shopping immediately. If mailing result seems lower than expected you need to change the product you sell. So it looks like. Read more...
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