How to Add a Signup Form on Your Instagram Page
Many owners of commercial accounts or blogs on Instagram don’t use this social network to collect email addresses for further campaigns. However, this solution can be very effective when used correctly. Our friends from Zengram told us why collecting organic subscriptions via Instagram brings so good results, and how it should be organized. Read more...
How to Add a Subscribe Form to Your Facebook Page
The more options for data collection you have, the better. Subscription forms rank first among channels aiming to attract customers, and that is where social media steps in. Read more...
Methods for explosive growth of your email contact list
According to Bouncex research, more than 90% visitors usually leave websites without having performed any targeted action. Yet, this statistics is optimistic - the results of most surveys show disappointing 95%.  Read more...
Some secrets from Donna Juanna: how to win subscriber’s heart
There’s often made an analogy between the stages of picking up the girl and multistage sales. Here is some truth: a gradual development of relations, unexpected surprises and gifts, hopes for something more and common plans for future. Read more...
How to avoid spam complaints
Sometimes it seems that it is enough just not to send spam. I should say, that in this article we do not discuss cases where a delivery is carried out without the consent of the recipient. There is nothing to be done - it is a crime, and the smallest, but guaranteed punishment - is a "black mark" from the recipient. Read more...
How to create a perfect subscription form
Subscription Form is one of the most important elements of the website or blog that attracts the target audience for your email marketing. For many sites, the subscription form became an integral part of signing in or even its replacement. It is convenient for subscribers because the data can be filled only once to review closed sections of the site easily, receive great offers and be constantly aware of your events and updates. Read more...
Iuliia Nesterenko | 30 Sep 2019
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