Email Signatures, and How to Use Them in Your Email Marketing
Why, and How to Add Email Signatures? It seems quite logical to sign up emails. However, if you look through the emails in your Inbox, you’ll most likely find that not all of them actually have a signature. Read more...
How to Create and Use Countdown Timers in Email Marketing
There are three things an email marketing specialist can watch forever: email campaigns being sent, CTR growing, time until the end of a sale counting down. How can you combine these three amazing things? By creating an email with a countdown timer inside. Read more...
How to Create a Compelling Email Copy for E-commerce
What makes a perfect e-commerce email? In this blog post, you’ll find the top e-commerce email marketing tips by our friends from Newoldstamp. Read more...
100+ Subject Lines for Your Christmas Holiday Emails
If you really want your emails to stand out in your subscribers’ inboxes during the winter holiday shopping season, make sure to use subject lines that would instantly grab people's attention and get them to click. Here are 100+ best examples of Christmas email subject lines, along with some ideas for creating your own subject lines that will light up inboxes, boost opens and drive the best ROI. Read more...
25+ Best Online Resources for Marketing and Graphic Design Professionals
As a follow-up to our previous blog post, "Some Email Marketing Tools to Make Message Building Easier", I’d like to let you in on my personal top secret compilation of online resources which I find invaluable in my work as a design Read more...
Parameters of email and its elements
We receive dozens of emails every day, they are full of colors and variety of offers. We note an attractive newsletter design in some of them, read something interesting in other messages, and some of them we don’t even open at all. Read more...
How to embed YouTube video in email campaign?
Do you remember the times of the very first smartphones when these devices had only about 500MB built-in memory (in the best case!) but you needed to download a bunch of videos in disgusting quality to show "gags" to your friends? Read more...


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