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Marketing Event Calendar for March: 120+ Content Ideas to Reach Out

Planning is a key skill that distincts a good marketer from a great one. We’re sure you belong to the last category, meaning you’ve already started planning ahead to your March campaigns.

If not, it’s high time you did, and we’re here to help get the job done. Many think that Valentine's Day is the last big occasion to reach out as Black Friday, Christmas and even Lunar New Year have already served their turn. But no worries as March is as full of international and local holidays, traditional and fun celebrations, big sport events and festivals.

To simplify your marketing routine, check the following creative March content ideas and email examples – from Women’s Day to International Waffle Day – and get down to work.

Day Holidays and Events to Look for in March 2020

March 1

World Compliment Day;

Zero Discrimination Day;

Beer Day (Iceland);

National Pig Day (US, Australia);

National Fruit Compote Day (US);

National Peanut Butter Lover's Day (US).

March 2

Clean Monday (Greece);

National Banana Cream Pie Day (US);

National Old Stuff Day (US);

Green Monday (Orthodox);

Texas Independence Day.

Email example

March 3

World Wildlife Day;

International Ear Care Day;

Hinamatsuri or "Girl's Day" (Japan);

Mother's Day (Georgia);

Sportsmen's Day (Egypt);

Unique Names Day (US);

Teacher's Day (Lebanon).

March 4

International Scrapbooking Industry Day;

St. Casimir's Day (Poland, Lithuania);

National Grammar Day (US);

National Pound Cake Day (US).

Email example

March 5

World Tennis Day;

Day of Physical Culture and Sport (Azerbaijan);

St. Piran's Day (Cornwall);

National Cheese Doodle Day (US).

Email example

March 6

Independence Day (Ghana);

Dentist Day;

National Oreo Cookie Day (US);

National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day (US).

March 7

Teacher's Day (Albania);

National Cereal Day (US);

National Frozen Food Day (US).

March 8

International Women’s Day;

National Peanut Cluster Day (US);

National Proofreading Day (US).

Email example

March 9

Barbie Day;

Teachers' Day (Lebanon);

National Crabmeat Day (US);

National Napping Day (US).

Email example by

March 10

Mario Day;

Theatre Day (Azerbaijan);

Holi (India);

Harriet Tubman Day (US);

National Blueberry Popover Day (US);

National Pack Your Lunch Day (US).

March 11

World Plumbing Day;

Johnny Appleseed Day;

National Worship of Tools Day (US).

Email example

March 12

World Day Against Cyber Censorship;

Alfred Hitchcock Day;

Arbor Day (China and Taiwan);

Youth Day (Zambia).

March 13

National Elephant Day (Thailand);

National Jewel Day (US)

March 14

Pi Day;

International Ask A Question Day;

Mother Tongue Day (Estonia);

Summer Day (Albania);

White Day (Japan, Korea).

Email example

March 15

World Consumer Rights Day;

World Sleep Day;

World Contact Day;

World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film;

World Speech Day;

Hōnen Matsuri (Japan).

300+ Free Email Templates for Any Occasion

March 16

Freedom of Information Day;

No Selfies Day;

National Panda Day (US).

March 17

World Social Work Day;

St. Patrick's Day;

Children's Day (Bangladesh).

Email example for St. Patrick's Day

March 18

Teacher's Day (Syria);

National Awkward Moments Day (US).

March 19

International Astrology Day;

Spring Equinox;

Father's Day (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Honduras, Bolivia);

St. Joseph's Day.

Email for Father's Day

March 20

International Day of Happiness;

UN French Language Day;

World Sparrow Day;

Great American Meatout (US);

National Ravioli Day (US).

March 21

International Colour Day;

Education Freedom Day;

International Day of Forests;

World Down Syndrome Day;

World Poetry Day;

World Puppetry Day;

Arbor Day (Portugal);

Harmony Day (Australia);

Human Rights Day (South Africa);

Mother's Day (Arab countries);

National Tree Planting Day (Lesotho);

Newroz (Iran, Kurdistan, Mesopotamia);

Youth Day (Tunisia).

Newsletter example

March 22

World Water Day;

Mothering Sunday (UK, Ireland);

National Bavarian Crepes Day (US);

National Goof Off Day (US).

Promo example

March 23

World Meteorological Day;

Day of the Sea (Bolivia);

Family Day (South Africa);

Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Day (Azerbaijan);

Pakistan Day (Pakistan);

National Chia Day (US);

National Chip and Dip Day (US).

March 24

National Tree Planting Day (Uganda);

National Cheesesteak Day (US).

March 25

Tolkien Reading Day;

International Waffle Day;

EU Talent Day (European Union);

Cultural Workers Day (Russia).

Promo email

March 26

Legal Assistants Day;

Spinach Day (US);

March 27

International Whisky Day;

World Theatre Day;

National Spanish Paella Day (US).

March 28

Rikyū (Japan);

Teachers' Day (Czech Republic, Slovakia);

Respect Your Cat Day (US).

Teachers' Day email

March 29

Youth Day (Taiwan);

National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day (US).

March 30

International Folding Laundry Day;

National Doctors' Day (US).

Newsletter email

March 31

Cesar Chavez Day (US);

National Crayon Day (US).

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Content & Design Ideas for March Email Campaigns

Now when we know when to write, let’s see what to write and how to set the spring mood for your email campaigns.

1. Spruce up a subject line.

The conversation with a subscriber starts with a subject line regardless of the email type and purpose. Planning new arrivals or menu updates to resonate with the beginning of a new season? Announce it straight from the start.

For a bit of inspiration, look at some of the spring email subject lines we’ve recently found in our Inbox:

  • Spring is near, new bottoms are here. (UNIQLO);
  • Wear spring (& sunshine) on your shoulders. (Anthropologie);
  • Bright looks for SPRING! ? (Pink Lily);
  • Spring on it! 25% off everything (American Eagle);
  • ? Your Perfect Spring Dress ? (Forever 21);
  • Spring is Coming (Lacoste);
  • New spring-ready cashmere is here! (J.Crew);
  • Go With The Flow(y) Dresses (Dynamite);
  • New Socks: For Spring, and For ?️Days (Bombas);
  • New Shades Are Blooming (Allbirds);
  • First look: new spring clothing and gear (Patagonia).

2. Add spring-associated elements.

You don’t necessarily have to create a totally new design, just adding a couple of small spring-associated elements – blossoming trees and flowers, birds, bees and butterflies, etc. – will be enough to add the necessary vibes.

March promo

3. Promote related products.

If you have some spring-related patterns or thematic products, March emails are a perfect way to put them on display.

Email promoting related products

4. Focus on color.

In many regions (especially temperate zones), winter is associated with cold and snow, and the arrival of spring often signifies the end of long sunless days and freezing temperatures. Celebrate it with bright and sparkling colors.

Promo email

5. Remind to care for nature.

For many of us, springtime means rebirth of nature when it wakes up after the winter slumber. Why not remind your subscribers that even a little effort can contribute to environment conservation.

Promo campaign example

6. Add dynamic vibes with AMP.

Planning to include as many bright images but don’t want to send long newsletters? Consider empowering your emails with an AMP carousel – showcase the full range of products even in a space-limited campaign.

AMP example

Use some of the above March activity ideas to surprise your subscribers on first days of spring. Choose the one that resonates best with your brand and service and invite people to step in the new season with your company in mind.

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