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Marketing Event Calendar for February: 85+ Ideas & Great Email Examples

Although February is the shortest month of the year, marketers start getting ready for it in early January at the least. The reason for being such an early bird in terms of content creation ideas is Valentine’s Day: Inboxes will be flooded with love-celebrating emails throughout the month. But there are way more opportunities to generate interest in your brand and boost additional revenue during the second month of the year.

To help you plan ahead, let’s take a look at some February email marketing campaign ideas beyond Valentine’s Day.

Day Holidays and Events to Look for in February 2020

Feb 1

International Face & Body Art Day

World Hijab Day

National Freedom Day (US)

Barber Day

National Baked Alaska Day

Campaign by Tattly

Feb 2

World Wetlands Day

Constitution Day (Philippines)

Day of Youth (Azerbaijan)

Inventor's Day (Thailand)

Trader's Day (Poland)

Crepe Day (US)

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day campaign

Feb 3

Setsubun (Japan)

Feed the Birds Day (US)

National Carrot Day (US)

Promo campaign ideas

Feb 4

Facebook's Birthday

Safer Internet Day

Independence Day (Sri Lanka)

Homemade Soup Day (US)

Feb 5

Western Monarch Day

World Nutella Day

World Read Aloud Day

Global School Play Day

Feb 6

International Frozen Yogurt Day

Canadian Maple Syrup Day

National Sweater Day (Canada)


Feb 7

Ballet Day

Harry Potter Book Night

Send a Card to a Friend Day (US)

500+ new templates to use this February

Feb 8

Propose Day

Boy Scout Anniversary Day

Laugh and Get Rich Day (US)

Campaign example

Feb 9

World Marriage Day

Pizza Pie Day

National Toothache Day (US)

Feb 10

Oatmeal Monday

World Pulses Day

Umbrella Day (US)

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Feb 11

International Day of Women & Girls in Science

National Foundation Day (Japan)

Youth Day (Cameroon)

White T-Shirt Day (US)

Inventors' Day (US)

Feb 12

Darwin Day (International)

National Freedom to Marry Day (US)

Youth Day (Venezuela)

Feb 13

World Radio Day

National Internet Friends Day (US)

Feb 14

International Book Giving Day

Valentine's Day

World Sound Healing Day

Valentine's Day campaign

Feb 15

World Whale Day

National Hippo Day (US)

Nirvana Day

Feb 16

Innovation Day

Kyoto Protocol Day

National Almond Day (US)

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Feb 17

World Human Spirit Day

National Indian Pudding Day (US)

President's Day (US)


Feb 18

Travel Africa Day

Wife's Day (Iceland)

Drink Wine Day (US)

Feb 19

National Chocolate Mint Day (US)

National Lashes Day (US)

Beauty newsletter

Feb 20

World Day of Social Justice

National Cherry Pie Day (US)

Feb 21

International Mother Language Day

World Information Architecture Day

Feb 22

World Thinking Day

National Wildlife Day (US)

Washington's Birthday

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Feb 23

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

Metenis (Latvia)

National Banana Bread Day (US)

Feb 24

World Bartender Day

Engineer's Day (Iran)

National Artist Day (Thailand)

Feb 25

National Pancake Day (IHOP)

World Spay Day

National Pancake Day

Feb 26

World Pistachio Day

National Bacon Day (US)

Feb 27

World NGO Day

Anosmia Awareness Day

International Polar Bear Day

Doctors' Day (Vietnam)

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Feb 28

National Science Day (India)

Teachers' Day (Arab states)

Floral Design Day

National Tooth Fairy Day (US)

Feb 29

Rare Disease Day (in leap years; celebrated in common years on February 28)

Bachelor's Day (Ireland)

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Tips to Improve Your February Marketing Results

As you can see there are tons of opportunities to connect: you can choose any event applicable for your business and run a promo campaign or publish a corresponding social media post.

However, we do recognize that most brands would foster the efforts to February 14 anyway, so we’ve come up with several content writing ideas to simplify the Survive-Valentine’s-Day challenge for all of you creative folks out there. Which doesn’t mean, of course, that these techniques can’t be used for other events.

1. Write an appealing subject line.

Any email starts with a subject line, and holiday campaigns are no exception. However, the topic is so big and we have so much to tell about it that we’ve created a separate article on Valentine's Day subject lines alone.

Spoiler: VALENTINE’S DAY SALE. 100% OFF isn’t the only winning option.

2. Photo contest.

People regularly publish thousands of photos online, so this kind of contest is very easy to participate in. Images with corresponding hashtags will drive page views and generate a lot of shares on social media.

Content calendar ideas

3. Competition with a prize for two.

Although marketers have been trying to make Valentine’s Day an inclusive holiday celebrated regardless of the relationship status, it still remains the big day for couples rather than singles. So when asking your audience to participate in a contest or challenge with a prize for two, avoid using the words partner, sweetheart, so that anyone can become the second winner: friend, parent, colleague, etc. The idea is to celebrate love and appreciation in all forms.

Cntent generation ideas

4. Social media backup.

Spread the word across all the available channels. People from your Facebook or Instagram community may not be subscribed to your campaigns yet, they would like to know if you’re up on something interesting.

Digital content ideas

5. Send web push reminders.

To ensure you offer gets in front of people’s eyes, send a Web Push Notification with a brief description of the offer. While the email may lost somewhere in Inbox, a Web Push is hard to remain unnoticed.

Good content ideas

6. Run an offline event for the local community.

It may be a thematic brunch, garage sale, any kind of contest, non-profit activities, etc. Letting people commit beyond purchases builds stronger brand loyalty and make people feel part of something bigger than just a sale.

Great content ideas

7. Say thank you.

If you aren’t planning to introduce any thematic products or run a special campaign yet still want to remind of your existence, send a thank you email. Stick to maximum text and CTAs, and simple and clear design.

Thank you email

8. Include a quiz.

As holiday spirit is spreading, excitement and buying drive are growing as well. A simple quiz on the website or in the email would deliver a bit of entertaining vibes and generate more clicks.

Quiz in the email

For more useful tips and strategies see 4 Steps to Creating Valentine's Day Emails Your Readers Will Love. The article contains even more examples and detailed guidelines on how to ace Valentine’s campaigns this season.

Thinking outside of the box and looking for opportunities are pieces of advice that never get old. Little known holidays and events can make awesome opportunities to have fun with your audience. People definitely expect many campaigns on February 14, but bet they’d be surprised to know about World Spring Day or Crepe Day. Unexpected campaigns would help raise additional brand awareness alongside standard Valentine’s Day campaigns, so don’t miss a chance to speak up.

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