An introduction of push+email mailings into practice of jewelry store

An introduction of push+email mailings into practice of jewelry store

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Push messaging is one of the fastest and customer focused channels to provide interaction with clients. All you need to run push mailing is to get client's agree to receive these notifications. Technically, it is called "token" to detect the browser that customer used to subscribe for web push notifications.

subscribe on push notifications

Last year, push mailings experienced a peak of popularity when everybody massively added scripts to their websites and tried to send as many pushes as possible to get ahead of competitors. We can consider that main advantage of pushing is feature to display a push even when your website is closed - all that subscriber needs is just to be connected to internet :)

The leadership is being intercepted by Viber-mailings now, as mobile phones still remain the most personal channel to contact with client. But it does not mean that efficiency of push notification is being decreased. It works good when configured well. For example, let's look at practice of one of Ukrainian online jewelry stores.

Email + push in promo mailings

As for really cool cases when pushing worked good alone – well, it didn’t happen yet; but it is quite effective when combined with other channels. Let's check some examples of multi channel marketing.

Parallel sending combines push and email mailings for their promo offers to gain the wider audience. After all, those who subscribed on mailings are not necessary want to receive website push notifications, and vice versa. But parallel use of these two channels helps you to inform more subscribers.  

example of multichannel

Parallel messages are being sent with a little time difference. 

Statistics on sent mailings:

  • Push
    • Push open rate - 56.9%,
    • Clicks-through rate - 5.5%
  • Email:
    • Emails open rate - 14.3%,
    • Clicks-through rate - 2.4 %

As we can see company uses the advantages of both channels which do not compete but complete each other being applied together.

Advantages of Push Notifications:

  • they can not be overlooked, so mailing rates become higher
  • they are well recognizable thanks to company logo and website link name
  • they are fast and accurate: one push - one offer

The weakness here is that you can not add your unique promo codes because user can shut down the push notification (or it will hide automatically) and not save the promo code.

Advantages of mailings:

  • emails corporate design based on website style
  • you can add promo code to allow client copy it and use on website easily
  • promo offer looks much better, with attractive banner and products cards
  • you can segment the database by any additional stripes featured in mailing system.

The only weakness is that users are not constantly online in emailing service, so open rate is a bit reduced.

Standalone emails

Some years ago it was a trend to set a consequent chain of promo emails:

  1. A few days before promo begins
  2. At the very beginning
  3. A few hours before the end

It seems to be pretty reasonable but emails opening usually ends after 2 or 3 days since the moment of sending. It means that some users shall read email when it becomes already irrelevant.

Therefore it is better to replace the third message with push notification just like do:

web push notifications

Statistics on sent mailings:

  • Push

    • Push open rate - 49.0%,
    • Clicks-through rate - 3.4%

Why sending a push reminder about the end of promo:

  • You can set the life term for push notification, so it will not pop up after promo ends.
  • You can configure push notification not to be hidden automatically after 5 seconds but only when shut down manually.
  • Push notification may be added to mailing script and sent in 2-3 days.

The advantage is that maximum 15 minutes is required to build a push. On the other hand, this is weakness too because push notification lifetime is too short :( As for emails, they can motivate some very regular clients to buy even after a year.  

Push + email for marketing automatization

As we already mentioned before, you can use multiple communication channels in your scripts. So why not connect website push notification to automated emails?

Push notifications are not efficient enough in the following cases:

  • Order confirmations
  • Birthday congratulations
  • Order cancelling
  • Welcome series

But for abandoned baskets push notification are quite effective. Look how apply it

The first in the chain – push on!

There are different reasons why clients abandon carts:

  • he compares the prices,
  • he changed his mind,
  • he added goods just to compare them, etc.

It is unlikely that user is always on his email page and just waiting for you to send him email – in fact, he is actively surfing other websites. Of course push notification can not represent all the attraction of your products or give many links but it will remind in time that some goods are abandoned even if client is already left for another website. The script looks like this:

scenario for abandoned cart

  • Client leaves website and abandon some goods
  • 20 minutes later, the script runs
  • It is being checked was purchase made or not
  • Push notification is sent
  • A day later, one more email is sent
  • Another message is sent after 2 days

It looks pretty good but what if client is not subscribed for push notifications? Remind that abandoned baskets are one of the most profitable triggers, so what if such an experiment will only reduce the sales?

Parallel sending

Let's check the second option (being already put in practice by when notifications are sent together.

send email and push

It means that you can inform more customers about their uncompleted orders on website via two different communication channels.

abandoned cart

Statistics on sent mailings:

  • Push
    • Push open rate - 75.8%,
    • Clicks-through rate - 11.2%
  • Email:
    • Emails open rate - 43.1%,
    • Clicks-through rate - 12.2 %

As we can see web service to send push notifications are working good being combined with promo and email newsletter. The more channels to interact with client are used, the higher is result. The most important thing is to send hot offers only, and not too often – don’t be annoying with customers.

See you! ;)

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An introduction of push+email mailings into practice of jewelry store