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45+ Subject Lines to Inspire Your April Fool's Day Email Marketing

Year after year, many retailers try to catch subscribers’ attention by using ‘no joke’, ‘no kidding’ and ‘no fooling’ in their April Fool’s email subject lines. As a result, consumers end up with a few dozens of cliched, repetitive subject lines adding up to the clutter of their inboxes.

Happy April Fools` Day

Just think of your own inbox looking like the list below. While you can’t say these email subject lines lack creativity, it’s the repetitive ‘no joke’ pun that makes emails blend in instead of standing out.

  1. No Joke! Flash Sale, Today Only! 20% off for April Fools’ Day. — Cascio Interstate Music
  2. No Joke! Open to Reveal Your Exclusive 1-Day Offer... — Caswell-Massey Company
  3. It may be April Fools day but our prices are no joke! — Superbreak Mini-Holidays
  4. No joke, your April Fools’ Day deal is 40% off! — Improvements Catalog
  5. No joke. Take 40% off for April Fools’ Day! — Improvements Catalog
  6. This is not a joke! 30% OFF your purchase — FragranceNet
  7. No foolin’! FREE Shipping + Food on SALE! — Petco.com
  8. No Sale Today — Just Kidding! — Christopher and Banks
  9. April Fools’ Day—but this sale is no joke! — Bicycling
  10. No Joke! 21% OFF Coupon Inside — FragranceNet
  11. No joke, you get FREE shipping — bareMinerals
  12. No joke: save up to 50% (today only) — AVON
  13. This Flash Sale is NO Joke! — Parts Express
  14. ? No Joking, 20% Off Today! ? — Ziamond
  15. It’s no joke: 41% off! — Banana Republic
  16. 25% off Batik! No Fooling! — Batiks.com

We're not squidding around...

If you really want readers to open your emails, try to invest a little more creativity into your April Fool’s Day’s subject lines. Write a simple April Fool’s Day greeting, showcase your discounts, or offer some useful holiday-related content. Remember that the goal of email marketing is to deliver value that will help you activate and inspire the customer.

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  1. April Fools’ Day Sale — No Pranks, just Real Offers. This Weekend only! Don’t miss out, Shop now! — eChemist
  2. Morgan Freeman Says He’s Never Retiring + A New Fixer Upper Mystery + April Fools’ Day Origins — Parade
  3. Astronomy Super Bowl Kickoff | Zero Gravity Day Hoax | Bransons Galactic Recovery — Space.com
  4. April Fools’ Day 2016: Our Foolishly Giant List of the Best Brand Hoaxes — Adweek
  5. Marketers Say Debuting Amazon Dash Right Before April Fools’ Day Was Genius — Adweek
  6. Happy April Fool’s Day — Sick Science Experiment of the Week — Steve Spangler Science
  7. April Fools’ Day 2015: Our Giant Roundup of the Best Brand Hoaxes — Adweek
  8. Experiment of the Week — April Fools’ Leakproof Bag — Steve Spangler Science
  9. No puns, just foolishly low prices on comics. Save up to 75%! — comiXology
  10. April Fools’ Practical Jokes that Teach Science — Steve Spangler Science
  11. 3 Lasting Benefits To April Fools’ Day Prank Marketing — Marketo.com
  12. April Fools’ Day Pranks with Jack Spangler — Steve Spangler Science
  13. Brands Are Pulling Off All the Pranks on April Fools’ Day — Adweek
  14. Cool science tricks for April Fools’ Day! — Steve Spangler Science
  15. Say No to April Fools Day with John Oliver! — Official HBO Store
  16. 20 Ways to Have a Great April Fools’ Day! — AllFreeKidsCrafts
  17. Our 5 Favorite April Fools’ Day Pranks of 2015 — Parade
  18. April Fools’! Almost. See the Latest Brand Pranks — Adweek
  19. Gmail’s April Fools’ Joke Backfires Badly — Adweek
  20. ? Make Fake Poop! ? — Johnny Cupcakes
  21. The Bad News: We’re Out of Deals. The Good News: It’s April Fools Day... — Overstock.com
  22. April Fools’ Day Sale. Save 20% Site Wide. — The Museum Shop of The Art Institute of Chicago
  23. Don’t Be Fooled — This Deal is Real! — Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes
  24. All DELUXE SHINAI $35.00 APRIL FOOLS’ Sale — E-Mudo
  25. Free Shipping — April Fools’ Day Savings! — Amerimark
  26. ? You Get The Last Laugh, 20% Off ? — Ziamond
  27. Happy April Fools’ Day! ? — Impromptu Gourmet
  28. A day fit for a clown. — Clown Antics
  29. Gotcha! — BuzzFeed
You Get The Last Laugh, 20% Off

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