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Basic Stats that Perfectly Sum Up 2019 Email Marketing Trends

The marketing world is never stagnant — new or reintroduced trends and transformative technologies penetrate it faster than ever. Although it hasn’t been long since such solutions as Geomarketing and Advanced Segmentation have been introduced, all progressive businesses have already started employing them in their marketing practices. The AMP technology and Multilanguage, email marketing buzzwords of the year, have already made their way into the systems of the most advanced ESPs, and now all the rest need to follow.

That's why any business willing to stay ahead of the game should keep up with new developments in the industry. What you definitely don’t want is to fall behind competitors who are tapping new revenue sources. To be sure you're staying up to date on all trends, we’ve come up with extensive email marketing stats that may help you reconsider your own marketing strategy.

Digital marketing trends 2019

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We thank our friends from Venngage for crafting such a cool info design for the 2019 email marketing trends.


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Iuliia Nesterenko

Technical Writer

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