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80+ Creative Content Ideas to Fill Your November Email Marketing Calendar

Since you’ve opened this article, you already know it’s time to start thinking how to surprise your customers in November. They say the early bird catches the worm; we say the early email marketer catches the attention of the customer. November is a kind of rehearsal before the holiday season, and it’s time for brands to come up with creative content marketing ideas.

How to Get in Touch with Customers in November

Email content ideas for November

November marketing strategy rests on three big whales. Black Friday, which this year falls on November 29, is probably the main craze almost all over the world. First celebrated in the US only, it soon conquered Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and keeps on taking over many other communities.

Though Thanksgiving is believed to be a typically American holiday, many other nations also celebrate it, and some of them do it in November as well. For example, the Japanese celebrate Kinrō Kansha no Hi, the so-called Labor Thanksgiving Day, on November 23. The Netherlands, Liberia, and Brazil tell their thanks on the same day the Americans do, so don’t miss a chance to engage with your customers who reside there.

Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night is a popular British festival held on November 5. Though many traditions have changed with time, people still like to grill sausages over the fire and roast potatoes on the coals.

What Businesses Should Commit and How

As for Black Friday, there are no limits or restrictions on who may participate. Any brand may come up with a creative campaign on one condition only: the sales it offers should be really lucrative. Otherwise being considered a nice small gift, a 5% shipping discount will fade against up to 90% off that would be offered by most major companies. If you run a small business and aren’t ready to get big with sales, it’s still possible to remind of your existence with a short post on any social media.

Email content ideas: Black Friday Insta post

Email content ideas: Black Friday Insta post

Holiday email templates that stand out!

Content marketing ideas: Thanksgiving campaign

It’s also a good idea, relevant for any brand, to write an email expressing appreciation to your clients. Make them feel special and show you’re ready to take the extra mile for them.

Content marketing ideas: Thanksgiving email

And there is one type of companies that can benefit from any holiday, be it Guy Fawkes Night, National Vegan Day or Gluten-Free Diet Awareness observance. That’s right, we’re talking about food and beverage suppliers, because whatever celebration may be, it most likely involves parties, corporate dinners or a family barbeque.

Content marketing ideas: Bonfire Night campaign
Ideas for content creation: Thanksgiving campaign
Ideas for content creation: Black Friday campaign

What’s more, November is also the World Vegan Month. With healthy eating issues on the rise, any producers of eco-friendly, gluten-free, plant-based, whole grain-supported, animal-loving and environment-protecting products have the upper hand this month.

Creative content ideas: campaign by The Bump
Creative content ideas: campaign by Blue Apron

Turkeys and fireworks aren’t the only bread and butter that can feed your business in November. We’ve put together a list of holidays for each and every of 30 days of November. Hopefully, some of them will spark a creativity uptick and help come up with the right message.

Day Holidays to Look for in November 2019

Nov 1

World Vegan Day

Author's Day (US)

​National Calzone Day (US)

National Cook For Your Pets Day (US)

Best content ideas: how to celebrate Calzone Day

Nov 2

El Dia de los Muertos (Mexico)

National Bison Day (US)

Nov 3

Culture Day (Japan)

Zero Tasking Day (US)

Sandwich Day (US)

Best content ideas: how to celebrate Sandwich Day

Nov 4

National Candy Day (US)

Common Sense Day (US)

Nov 5

Guy Fawkes Night

American Football Day

National Hot Sauce Day (US)

Melbourne Cup Day (Australia)

Great content ideas: Bonfire Night campaign

Nov 6

National Nachos Day

Saxophone Day (US)

Nov 7

International Stout Day

Thanksgiving (Liberia)

Men Make Dinner Day (US)

National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day (US)

Nov 8

World Urbanism Day

Journalists' Day (China)

Tongue Twister Day (US)

​National Cappuccino Day (US)

Great content ideas: Cappuccino Day campaign

Nov 9

World Freedom Day

Inventors' Day (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Chaos Never Dies Day (US)

Nov 10

International Accounting Day

Father’s Day (Iceland)

Vanilla Cupcake Day (US)

Great content ideas: Father's Day campaign

Nov 11

Children's Day (Croatia)

National Education Day (India)

Pepero Day (South Korea)

Pocky & Pretz Day (Japan)

Singles Day (China)

Women's Day (Belgium)

November email ideas: Women's Day campaign

Nov 12

Father's Day (Indonesia)

National French Dip Day (US)

Last post

Nov 13

World Kindness Day

November email ideas: Kindness Day campaign

Nov 14

World Diabetes Day

Pickle Day (US)

Nov 15

America Recycles Day (US)

National Tree Planting Day (Sri Lanka)

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (US)

Nov 16

International Day for Tolerance

Fast Food Day (US)

November email ideas: Fast Food Day campaign

Nov 17

International Students' Day

Take A Hike Day (US)

November email ideas: Hiking Day campaign

Nov 18

Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

National Princess Day (US)

Nov 19

International Men's Day

Women's Entrepreneurship Day

World Toilet Day

National Camp Day (US)

November content ideas: Men's Day campaign

Nov 20

Universal Children’s Day

Teachers' Day (Vietnam)

National Absurdity Day (US)

November content ideas: Teacher's Day campaign

Nov 21

World Television Day

World Hello Day

Use Less Stuff Day (US)

Nov 22

Teacher's Day (Costa Rica)

Go For a Ride Day (US)

Nov 23

Labor Thanksgiving Day (Japan)

National Espresso Day (US)

November content ideas: Espresso Day campaign

Nov 24

International Evolution Day

Stir-Up Sunday

Teachers' Day (Turkey)

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day (US)

Nov 25

Teachers' Day (Indonesia)

Shopping Reminder Day (US)

Nov 26

National Cake Day (US)

November content ideas: Cake Day campaign

Nov 27

Teacher's Day (Spain)

Nov 28


National French Toast Day (US)

November content ideas: Thanksgiving campaign

Nov 29

Black Friday

Electronic Greeting Card Day (US)

National Lemon Cream Pie Day (US)

November content ideas: Black Friday campaign

Nov 30

National Computer Security Day (US)

National Mason Jar Day (US)

Halloween has just kicked up, and winter holidays are yet to step up, which doesn’t mean though you need to wait till December to speak out. You surely got really excited when crafting cool emails for Halloween; use the same excitement to have fun in November as well. It’s as great month to boost your sales and generate more brand awareness.

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