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140+ Creative Ideas to Fill Your October Content Calendar

Although it feels like September has just begun, and it’s been not too long since all those back-to-school campaigns, a smart email marketer knows it’s time to think ahead to October content ideas. And for those who think that Halloween is the only reason to get in touch with customers, we’ve put together a big list of interesting and fun events, so you can go on engineering your next newsletters, promo campaigns, blog articles, or social posts.

In fact, October looks like a non-stop celebration of all possible kinds of food and beverages - Coffee Day, Noodle Day, Taco Day, Cinnamon Roll Day, Frappe Day: whatever business you’re running, there will still be email content ideas helping reach your customers with congratulations. Because who wouldn’t like to celebrate Coffee Day, right?

For example, GoVype also thought like this and came up with a short Insta post. Although the company is neither a coffee manufacturer nor a coffee shop, their digital invitation for a cup of coffee looks pretty much to the point. Most people associate - consciously or subconsciously - coffee with smoking, so why miss a valuable opportunity to remind of your existence?

Content idea for International Coffee Day

But man shall not leave by coffee alone, and luckily October has way more events to celebrate. From beer to space, there are a lot of topics which can inspire marketers to share good email marketing content relevant to their industries and promote more brand awareness.

Month Holidays to Look for in October 2021

  • National Work and Family Month;
  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month;
  • Stop Bullying Month;
  • National Cookie Month;
  • National Book Month;
  • Apple Month.

Facebook post for Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

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Week Holidays to Look for in October 2021

  • Walk Your Dog Week — Oct 1-7;
  • World Space Week — Oct 4-10;
  • Active Aging Week — Oct 4-10;
  • Earth Science Week — Oct 10-16;
  • Global Children’s Week — Oct 23-31;
  • International Magic Week — Oct 25-31.

You may think that your business has absolutely nothing to do with space or dog walking, but creative October maketing by Cunard will put to shame any headshaker. The company went way beyond laconic social media posts and came up with an exclusive program offering to celebrate Transatlantic Space Week aboard on one of its best flagships.

Special offer for World Space Week

And for Walk Your Dog Week, remind your audience to take their four-legged pals outside and give them a good run. Not all of your subscribers may have a pup, so a list of local shelters offering fostering and adoption might be worth sharing as well. Or you may send an October eamil featuring recent studies and articles on the benefits the dog ownership brings, or prepare a special infographic sheet based on them.

October email examples

If the above October marketing ideas hardly resonate with your business and audience, here is a day-by-day October ideas to help you design a month-long marketing strategy, with the best marketing content examples attached.

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Day Holidays to Look for in October 2021

Oct 1

International Music Day;

International Coffee Day;

International Day of Older Persons;

World Vegetarian Day;

Teacher's Day (Uzbekistan);

Sake Day (Japan);

Balloons Around the World Day;

National Black Dog Day (US);

National Homemade Cookies Day (US);

Children's Day (Singapore);

World Smile Day (first Friday of October).

Special offer for International Coffee Day

Oct 2

World Farm Animals Day;

International Day of Non-Violence;

Card Making Day (US);

National Name Your Car Day (US);

National Grandparents Day (Italy);

National Batik Day (Indonesia);

Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday (India);

Wine Day (Moldova), (first weekend of October).

Sales for Grandparents Day

Oct 3

World Temperance Day;

Day of German Unity;

National Golf Lover’s Day (US);

National Boyfriend Day (US).

Oct 4

World Animal Day;

World Architecture Day (first Monday of October);

Cinnamon Roll Day (Sweden);

World Habitat Day (first Monday of October);

National Child Health Day (US);

National Taco Day (US).

Facebook post for Cinnamon Roll Day

Oct 5

World Teacher's Day;

National Get Funky Day (US);

Engineer's Day (Bolivia);

National Be Nice Day (US).

Email marketing content best practices

Oct 6

German-American Day;

World Cerebral Plasy Day (first Wednesday of October);

National Plus Size Appreciation Day (US);

National Noodle Day (US).

Oct 7

National Poetry Day (UK);

National Inner Beauty Day;

National Day Golden Week holiday (China);

National Frappe Day (US).

Facebook post for National Frappe Day

Oct 8

National Octopus Day (US);

Air Force Day (India);

Independence Day (Croatia);

Children's Day (Iran);

Navy Day (Peru);

National Fluffernutter Day (US);

American Touch Tag Day;

World Egg Day (second Friday of October);

National Pierogi Day (US & Canada).

Oct 9

World Post Day;

International Newspaper Carrier Day;

Agricultural Workers' Day (Russia), (second Sunday of October);

Post Day (Poland);

National Nanotechnology Day (US).

Last post

Oct 10

World Porridge Day;

World Mental Health Day;

National Cake Decorating Day;

Artist's Day (Ukraine), (second Sunday of October);

Harvest Festival (Armenia), (second Sunday of October);

Health and Sports day (Japan), (second Monday of October);

National handbag day (US);

Literature Day (Finland).

Best email content for Handbag Day

Oct 11

International Day of the Girl Child;

National Coming Out Day (US);

Thanksgiving Day (Canada);

Native Americans' Day (US);

Columbus Day.

Oct 12

National Day (Spain);

UN Spanish Language Day;

Old Farmers Day;

World Sight Day (second Thursday of October);

National Savings Day (US).

Special offer for National Savings Day

Oct 13

International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction;

National Police Day (Thailand);

Paramedics' Day (Poland);

National No Bra Day (US);

National Yourkshire Pudding Day (US).

Oct 14

World Standards Day;

Mother's Day (Belarus);

National Education Day (Poland);

National Dessert Day (US);

Defenders' Day (Ukraine);

World Sight Day;

Be Bald and Be Free Day.

Special campaign for Mother's Day

Oct 15

International Day of Rural Women;

Global Handwashing Day;

Vijayadashami (India);

Breast Health Day (Europe);

Teachers' Day (Brazil);

National Cheese Curd Day (US);

Boss's Day.

Oct 16

World Food Day;

World Anaesthesia Day;

Teachers' Day (Chile);

Dictionary Day (US);

National Liqueur Day.

Oct 17

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty;

Digital Society Day (India);

Loyalty Day (Argentina);

National Pasta Day;

Wear Something Gaudy Day (US).

Oct 18

Alaska Day;

Necktie Day (Croatia);

Chocolate Cupcake Day (US);

National No Beard Day.

Special campaign for National Cupcake Day

Oct 19

Lawyer's Day (Moldova);

National LGBT Center Awareness Day;

National Kentucky Day (US);

Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity;

Seafood Bisque Day (US).

Oct 20

International Chefs Day;

International Sloth Day;


Hagfish Day;

World Osteoporosis Day;

Arbor Day (Czech Republic);

National Medical Assistants Day (US);

Women's Day (Vietnam).

Oct 21

Apple Day (UK);

International ShakeOut Day;

Nacho Day (US, Mexico);

National Nurses' Day (Thailand);

Count your Buttons Day;

Get to Know Your Customers Day.

Special campaign for National Apple Day

Oct 22

National Nut Day (US);

Caps Lock Day (US);

Wombat Day (Australia);

National Make a Dog’s Day Day.

Oct 23

International Mole Day;

National Boston Cream Pie Day;

Aviator's Day (Brazil);

National Pit Bull Awareness Day (US);

iPod Day.

Oct 24

United Nations Day;

Bologna Day (US);

World Development Information Day;

Children's Day (Australia), (fourth Wednesday of October);

National Mother-in-Law Day (US).

Facebook post for National Bologna Day

Oct 25

World Pasta Day;

Sourest Day;

Sovereignty Day (Slovenia);

National Greasy Food Day (US).

Special campaign for National Pasta Day

Oct 26

National Day (Austria);

National Pumpkin Day (US);

Howl at the Moon Day and Night.

Oct 27

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage;

American Beer Day;

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage;

National Black Cat Day.

Oct 28

International Animation Day;

National Chocolate Day (US);

Independent Czechoslovak State Day (Czech republic).

Special campaign for National Chocolate Day

Oct 29

National Cat Day (US);

National Oatmeal Day (US);

Day of Basque Country (Spain);

Republic Day (Turkey);

Teacher's Day (Australia), (last Friday of October);

Internet Day;

World Stroke Day.

Special promo code for National Cat Day

Oct 30

International Orthopaedic Nurses Day;

Africa Day of Food and Nutrition Security;

Children's Day (Malaysia);

Anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak Nation (Slovakia).

Oct 31

World Cities Day;

World Savings Day;


Daylight Saving Time ends;

National Caramel Apple Day (US).

Email content examples: Halloween campaign

Some of these October marketing calendar ideas might seem too silly or not applicable to your brand or service. We surely don't suggest breeding irrelevant hashtags or spamming your readers with out-of-place promos just for the sake of traffic. Choose the event associated with what you’re doing, and come up with an unusual way to present it to your readers. Analyze what campaign format worked or didn’t work previously, and bring in some changes. Consider sprucing your newsletter with a GIF, or add a bit of interactive vibes into your event-inspired promo with a rollover effect.

Remember that holidays are all about fun and laughter. So whatever the marketing campaign, make it positive and festive, and don’t forget to reinforce your verbal congratulations with a little gift: a free shipping code or monthly subscription would definitely set the mood.

P.S. Just in case you’re still in the middle of designing your September campaigns, this list will make your struggle much easier.

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