Automated Push-notifications

Increase sales through the new channel with mass messaging or with automated series for free.

What are the benefits?

Complement your existing broadcastings and scenarios with Push Notifications. Increase profits by increasing audience reach and timeliness of notifications.

  • Modern Digital Tool

    Push-notification appeared recently, but they have already proven user eficiency. Send valuable information at the right time and clients will always be with you.

  • High Open Rate %

    You cant miss them! Push notification are displayed above all windows even if your site-page is minimized or closed.

  • Low Cost

    Practically free tool that can literally explode your sales.

  • Easy Starting

    Setting up, preparing and starting the push messages will take no more then 15 minutes

  • Communication in real time

    Set the "lifetime" for push-notifications. If the client turns on his device after the end of the promotion - the notification will not bother him.

  • Displayed in different browsers

    Notifications are displayed on all operating systems in popular browsers, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

  • Attractive Design

    Add your logo and links to your site to the notification to make them catchy and recognizable.

  • Subscriber Growth

    According to our service statistics the conversion to subscribers is 25% and more.

How does it work?

The user subscribes to receive push-notifications on your site. Notifications that you send, pop-up at the desktop or at mobile device screen even if a browser is off. Create valuable and relevant offers and you will be able to bring back customer anytime.

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Unique features of eSputnik

  • Multi-channel: Push, Email, SMS и Instant Messages

    Use different channels in the same system: Email + SMS + push and instant messages.
    Mix of different communication channels in a single scenario to save a lot of marketing costs, and raise conversion many times!
    That is a eSputnik style Win-Win!
  • Push-messages are available FREE

    We provide Push-notofications to all our customers for FREE. 

    No hidden comissions.

    No obligations written in small font.

    No "Powered by ..."

    Honestly. Free.

  • Transparent statistics and reporting

    All rich analytics, which our service is famous for, is also available for PUSH-channel:

    • Broadcast statistics (sent pushes, delivered, clicks)
    • Advertizing campaign results
    • Contacts activity reports
    • Cohort analysis
    • RFM and many more
  • Subscribe tokens to your HTTPS or HTTP domains

    Gather subscribers to your own domain.
    Once having collected huge customer base for push messages you choose to run your own service or choose to leave us in search for a better life - we will cry :'( but all gathered contacts you will be able to transfer with you.
  • Mass broadcasting and drip automation in one system

    Use Web-Push notifications for: 

    • transactional messages, 
    • individual triggered comunications, 
    • mass broadcasting to selected segments.

    Automate all availible communication channels and combine them! For instance, anounce a beginning of an activity with email-campaign, and remind about it's ending with push-notifications.

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More than 18,000 businesses trust us!
  • “Installing a push notification data collection code took the minimum amount of time. The installation process is easy and clear. This is a new channel for us, and works relatively not too long. Transactions were carried out almost from the first mailings”

  • We have chosen eSputnik because of its combination of flexibility, scalability and client-oriented approach. The most important thing for us in eSputnik system is an opportunity to follow subscribers' mood, thus adapting our actions depending on their behavior. Another important point is the maximum automation of all processes connected with email campaigns. We confidently recommend eSputnik as a reliable partner in omnichannel messaging.

    Sergei Gordienko
  • “It was very simple to implement!  The manual by eSputnik was simple and straightforward. The implementation took about 7-10 minutes. The base is still growing. But it is obvious that this is a very useful tool in the future”

    Denys Arysmiatov
  • “Push notifications channel complements online communication with clients and expands opportunities. Due to the simplicity of the entrance, it shows a good increase in subscription at times better than regular emails. There is no sense to configure multiple platforms, because communication with clients must be multi-channel with the ability to step-action”

    Eugene Krechetovich
    Expert of marketing and advertising department

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How to set up?

  • In your account menu select “Settings ”.

  • Click on "Connect website" and enter basic settings for future notifications.

  • Get generated script and install it on your website.

Increase your sales with push notifications

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