About Us

eSputnik is a Marketing Automation Service made to embody the toughest ideas of enterprise level solutions in very clear and efficient way for everyone. We do not declare being the best, we are mostly spoken about this way.

We understand common marketers needs and do our best to help them: 

  • burst your campaign effectivness with Lean Approach that we follow too 
  • don't waste your time on daily routine, be creative marketer, we'll take care of repetitive duties  
  • create 100% automated campaigns without programmers from IT Department easily
  • bind all messaging marketing in one multi-channel system: email, SMS, app-push, web-push, instant messengers and more

eSputnik used to be a successful startup in Dnipro, Ukraine and worked preferably for the local guys from Ukraine, Belarus, RF and Eastern Europe. 

But it’s about time for us to widen the boards and make new friends. 

What we created eSputnik for?

Having worked in e-marketing for years we faced some difficulties with existed tool kits. Either you get perfectly created messages service, or detailed segmentation programs or some other systems to count analytics. Being caught in this situation we have found lots of companies working with such obstacles either. Let it say about grandees companies - they have preferences to hire lots of specialists creating beautiful templates and professionally handling with wide range of e-marketing tools. but what about smaller businesses with limited stuff and expenses?

We decided to merge our software development background and e-marketing experience to make deep and clear tool for everyone. In our service we want to save your time on technical aspect like creating your templates to let you work out the correct marketing campaigns and customer oriented strategy.

Our motto: professional marketing made simple

Story of our starting up

Initially we cooperated with companies applying email and sms marketing as IT consultants. We discovered the tiniest aspects to improve the system functionality and fix the bags. On focus  there were mostly customers’ time eaters actions to make them easy and robust. Our team worked with specialists of different branches: training programs, retailing and branch shops, restaurants, entertainment and tourism. The best results now we achieve in ecommerce: today around 90% of sound ecommerce businesses in Ukraine have chosen us. If you are a marketer who seeks "next level" email marketing system you are most likely to find it here. 
In our weekly releases our system gets updates based on our customers feedback and our vision of deep yet simple marketing tool. 



 eSuputnik LLC

14, Krutohirnyi Descent, Dnipro, 49100, Ukraine

+38 044 353 5730
+38 056 787 0730

United States 

+1 914 495 1740


+44 20 3318 0881 (UK)
+48 22 390 6373 (PL)

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