Terms of Use

General rules

eSputnik Marketing Automation System is intended to be used for the sole and exclusive purpose of sending messages to recipients who have agreed and confirmed to receive such messages. This is called Permission-based Email Marketing. No other commercial use is acceptable and permitted. Other, non-commercial use of the Service is permitted, such as the mailing of transactional messages to individual recipients with whom You have a relationship. Your account may be immediately suspended or terminated if You send SPAM.  Unsolicited mailing or mailing od undesirable content is illegal in many countries. That is why we never send:

  • spam or advertisement of spam
  • false information
  • profanity
  • malicious and unlicensed software
  • appeals to racial, religious or sexual discrimination
  • copyrighted material and trademarks of third parties without their permission
  • pornographic materials
  • political propaganda and other materials that can be used for political purposes
  • religious materials
  • advertisement of financial pyramids, Forex, "work from home", "make money quickly online" etc.
  • advertisement of online casinos
  • any content associated with money laundering and terrorist financing

In case of violation of this Terms of use, We have right to block all accordant email campaigns, and in special cases block and terminate sender's account with no refund right.

We may take all legal action against the assumed infringer.


Import rules

By importing contacts you acknowledge that all subscribers have given you permission to use their contact information for mailings.


Anti-SPAM policy

Mailing lists can be regarded as spam in the following terms, but not limited to:

  • Rate of recipients of spam complaints is more than 0.5% from a mailing list
  • Rate of non-existent addresses exceeds 10%
  • Recipient list coincides with the accessible to the public directory
  • The number of recipients of the mailing list highly exceeds the typical for the sender
  • The absence of the phrase in a letter describing why the subscriber / client receives the letter from you
  • We strongly recommend using double opt-in for all your contacts before you add them to mailing lists

Payment terms 

You may be refused to proceed your payment in following cases.

1. Sale is prohibited, illegal and / or may harm the business reputation of eSputnik or international payment systems, namely: 

  • any operations associated with money laundering and terrorist financing;

  • any weapons and munitions, which are prohibited by the law;

  • narcotic substances and accessories;

  • unlicensed drugs;
  • tobacco, gambling products, the casino, lotteries;

2. Sale of offensive material, which have no artistic value (for example, sexually explicit images of cruelty and violence);

3. Sale of any other product / service that the company, deems unacceptable for sale with its own brand.

Reporting SPAM 

If you’ve received unsolicited mail from one of our users, please notify us immediately at abuse@esputnik.com.
Every complaint is investigated, and you will receive a response from our abuse team detailing the action we’re taking to deal with the issue.