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7 trigger messages that are needed for your business
Automatic emails allow you to communicate with the client, congratulate them with anniversaries and to encourage buying without much effort. More and more companies are trying to automate this process as much as possible, since it assure the additional it's more income to the regular mail promotions. Подробнее...
Analysis of the data in electronic marketing. Article 1 - channels to attract customers
Customer Acquisition Cost и Lifetime Value, RFM-сегментация и когортный анализ — эти слова для многих маркетологов и владельцев электронных бизнесов как магия, такие же загадочные и чудодейственные. Загадочные, потому что если кто-то и понимает, что все это значит, то знает минимум 22 способа как посчитать эти величины. Подробнее...
Why customers abandon shopping carts?
Брошенная корзина — это часть упущенной прибыли, которая есть в любом интернет-магазине. Есть много причин почему люди так и не доходят до покупки. Это может быть банальная вещь, как отсутствие доставки до двери или что-то более основательное, как скорость загрузки страницы сайта или сложная форма регистрации. Подробнее...
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Email marketing is the most effective tool of modern marketing. Such an opinion is expressed by a lot of marketing specialists from all over the world who have taken part in professional surveys. Developing social networks and mobile apps cannot provide as good of a communication channel between business and client as Email Marketing. Low price, ease-of-use, personalization and thorough analysis makes email a practically ideal marketing tool. We just need to learn how to use this tool.

We understand the lack of information and professional communication in email marketing. That’s why we have created our Email Marketing Blog. We promise to keep you up to date, and to let you know about the latest news and information in the field - we consistently monitor the latest news and publish the most interesting topics.

If you are interested in email marketing, we are excited for you to read our blog. Read, express your opinion, share your experience. We hope that our blog will be the place where you can combine business with pleasure.